Thank You Letters

What do we need to say?
Sample Thank you letter statements:

Dear ________________,

We greatly appreciate the time you took out of your day to help us expand and further our knowledge about ______________________.

We would like to let you know that your contribution to our class/project was greatly appreciated.

We appreciate you putting up with our mess and any distractions that we may have caused to your classes.  We hope that this project has a big impact on Ames High.

Be specific about what they did.

Thank you very much,
Ames High Environmental Science

Who do we need to thank?

Period 1:
  • Mr. Schuck (Hannah We)
  • Inger Lamb (Bailee)
  • Sue DeBlieck (Kentrell)
  • Luke Gran (PFI) (Princess)
  • Tabletop Farm (Sally Gran) (Erich)
  • Eric Gangloff (Alexis)
  • Onion Creek (Joe) (Barak)
  • Ethy and Steven Cannon (Jamie)
  • Steenhoek Environmental (Chad) (Nicole)
  • Mr. Evans (Katie)
  • Teri Elrod (janitor) (Logan)
  • Mr. Jahn and Mr. Boylan (Liz)
  • Kathy Hanson (Katie)
Period 3:
  • Caroline Oliviera (Lexicon Show) (Rachel)
  • Tabletop Farm (Sally Gran) (1st)
  • Luke Gran (PFI) (1st)
  • Dick Thompson (Old guy with 4 wheeler) (Alexis)
  • Mustard Seed Farm (Alice McGary) (Jamie)
  • ISU Dairy Farm (Will)
  • Pat Sauer (stormwater) (Joel)
  • Eric Gangloff (snakes) (1st) 
  • Sue DeBlieck (soil) (1st)
  • Ms. Hopper (Erin)
  • Mr. Evans (1st)
  • Mr. Schuck's classes (Juan)
  • Doug Sheeley and Chichaqua Bottoms (Maddie)
  • Diversity Farms (conetainers) (Nic)
  • Gerry Peters and Ames Maintenance Staff (District Facilities Department) (Evan)
  • Janitors (Jeremy Murphy) (Jeremy)
  • Thank you email to students who took the survey (Steven)
  • Thanks for putting up with the mess in the courtyard and other projects (announcement) (Fabian)
  • Dan DeYoung (lead custodian) (Michael)
  • Douglas Gaeton (Lexicon) (Ben)
Period 4:
  • Dean Biechler (River Ridge Farm) (Elliot)
  • Jimmie Thompson (plant guy) (Kiana, Tessa)
  • Susan Jasper (Wheatsfield) (Elena)
  • Carl Kurtz (prairie guy) (Dillon, Nate, Deryk)
  • Permaculture Guy (Micaela)
  • Gary Guthrie (Growing Harmony Farm) (Jackie, Amber)
  • Berry Patch Farm (Dean & Judy Henry) (Hannah, Kaydee)
  • Steve Henry (Longview Farms) (Brian, Dustin, Nic)
  • Mr. Walter (Anna, Chris)
  • Mrs. Faber (chips) (Bryan, Jacob)
  • Mrs. Carter (Ruby, Abby)

Period 6:
  • Jim Harbaugh (Bolton and Menck Architect) (Tanner)
  • Berry Patch Farm (Lee Matteson) (Chelsea)
  • Julie Wilbur (Wilbur's Northside Market) (Ashley)
  • Mimi Wager (landscape architect) (Alexis)
  • Mrs. Lee (delt with our crap) (Chelsea)
  • Geoff Schumacher (The Ames Tribune) (Bre) 
  • T-Shirt Designers in 7th period (Michaela)
  • Eric Estrada (Raegene)
  • Nolan Dixon and Bridget McFarland, Student Council (Trevor)
  • Web (Katie)
  • Mrs. Sullivan (Courtyard work) (Cecilia)
  • Mr. Duit (Courtyard work) (Sadie)
  • Mrs. Carey (Nick)
  • Mr. Vertanen (Hannah)
  • Mr. Sparkman (Danny)
  • Mrs. Carlson (Keegan, Fefe)
7th Period:
  • Antonio Rodriguez (turtle guy) (Siri & Brandon)
  • Jamie Beyer (pond guy) (Davis & Nick)
  • Mr. Schmaltz (Brittany & Jordyn)
  • Mr. Bubke (Carmar Farms) (Kaleb)
  • Mr. Liebman (Salina)
  • Tom Drenthe (Farmer's Market) (Sara)
  • Ames Trenching and Excavating (Keaton)
  • Matt Williams (Cassie)
  • Mrs. Brenneman (Daniel)
  • Ms. Torkildson (Kim)
  • Mrs. Tibben (Abby)
  • Mrs. Dobernecker (Wyatt & Diana)
  • Mr. Zmolek (Casey)
  • Mrs. Whitehead (Tyler)
  • Mr. Jurgensen (Drake & Eli)
  • Mrs. Allbaugh (Daveion & Collin)
  • Mrs. Testroet (Corina and Marissa)
  • Mr. Lunaberg & Mr. Smith (Amy)
  • Liz Woods (Tessa)
  • 8th Period Study Hall (Tessa & Salina)
  • Mr. O (making our t-shirts) (Alexa)