Onion Creek Farm

    We visited a small-scale farm outside of Ames called Onion Creek farm. Onion Creek farm is owned and run by Joe Lynch and Lonna Natchtigal, with the occasional help of a volunteer. Onion Creek farm is located just north of Ames, IA. They have two gardens, one being small, and one being large. On top of their garden produce, they also have chickens and eggs.  Joe and Lonna split their work, having Lonna handle most of the planting and handling of the seeds, while Joe takes care of the tilling and most of the harvesting. Joe and Lonna have been at their work of farming in Onion Creek farm for 16 years, and are known for using organic methods on their gardens by using the least amount of pesticides as possible. 

    Here's a look at how the farm works using a lucid chart:

The larger garden of Onion Creek farm.
Joe showing us around the smaller garden of Onion Creek farm.
The chickens eating their leftover harvested produce.

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