Neal Smith Field Trip Alternative Assignment

Environmental Science Field Trip Alternative Assignment

If you do not go on the Neal Smith National Wildlife Refuge field trip on May 6th, then you must complete the following and turn it in by Thursday May 9th at 10pm (Even if you are excused from class on May 6th).

Write a paper that does the following:
  • Summarizes the history of prairies in Iowa
  • Models the parts and the interactions between the parts of a prairie ecosystem
  • Summarizes the life of Neal Smith and his relationship to prairies and Iowa
  • Summarizes the history of Neal Smith National Wildlife Refuge
  • Explains the similarities and differences between “oak savanna” and “forest” ecosystems.
  • Explain what parts and interactions are necessary so oak savannas function as ecosystems
  • Explains the range of the oak savanna and forest ecosystems in Iowa and why they existed there instead of prairie

Make sure you cite your sources (use a short citation within your writing where ever you use some information from a source and have a longer citation for each source at the end) – you should have at least 6 outside resources that you cite.