Lexicon Show Alternative Project

If you could not attend one of the Lexicon Shows that each class planned, then you must complete one of the following special projects:

Option 1: Create a video and Google webpage about the details of one of the following farm trips.
  1. Tabletop Farm (1 & 3)
  2. River Ridge Farm (Biechler Farm) (4 & 6)
  3. Carmar Farms (7)
  4. Thompson Farm (3)
  5. Onion Creek (1)
  6. Berry Patch Farm (4 & 6)
  7. ISU Dairy Farm (3 & 7)
  8. Mustard Seed Farm (3)
  9. Growing Harmony Farm (4 & 6)
  10. ISU Sustainable Ag Research (7)
  11. Cannon Urban Farm (1 & 7)
  12. Wilbur's Northside Market (6)
  13. Steenhoek Environmental (1)
  14. Longview Farms (4)
You must ask me before you can start one of these Farm webpages/videos (I will make sure other people don't work on the same video).

Your webpage and video must meet the following criteria:
  • Explain in detail what is produced on the farm
  • Describe the different methods used to produce crops/livestock on the farm
  • Explain how these methods relate to sustainability
  • Include notes that classmates took on the trip
  • Use pictures to help explain all of the above (include all pictures that were taken)
Your webpage and video will not be accepted as an alternative to attending a show until I have deemed it meets the high quality standards that would allow it to be used to help other students understand what has happened on that particular farm.

You may work in a group, but you must complete as many webpages/videos as you have group members (i.e. a group of 3 must complete 3 webpages/videos for 3 different farms).

Option 2: