Email Communications

Things to remember when you are communicating via email:
  • Use informative subject title
  • CC Mr. Todd on all emails
  • Properly address email (e.g. Dear Mr./Mrs......,)
  • Explain who you are and where you are from
  • Clearly state what you are doing
  • Nicely ask if they would be willing to work with you or meet with you 
  • List the times you are available to meet and any specific deadlines 
  • End with a statement of appreciation 
  • PROOF EMAIL!!!!! - Have someone else proof the email and show Mr. Todd or Ms. Edster
Sample Email Outline:


Subject: Project at Ames High School

Dear Mr./Mrs. Professional,

We are a group from Mr. Todd's Environmental Science class at Ames High School.  Over the next   x   weeks we are working on a class project to                      .  We were wondering if you would be willing to meet with/ or help our group with                   ?  Our group is available to meet   *list specific days of the week M-F and times your group is available to meet (if meeting with Mr. Todd, make sure to see when he is available).  Please let us know if any of these times would work for you and your schedule.  We would really appreciate working with you on our project.

(all the names of members in your group)