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May 5, 2014
We have support from one of our city council reps. 


Thank you for the invitation. I think what your group is doing is great, and your mission fits right in with the City Council's goal to expand our sustainability efforts. The movie sounds interesting, and I did see the plastic bag display at the eco Fair, so I'm interested in learning more. My husband and I will look forward to watching the movie on Friday. I'll also try to mention this movie viewing opportunity during Council Comments at tomorrow night's City Council meeting to get you a bit more publicity. 

I look forward to seeing your group before the City Council in the future.

Keep up the enthusiasm,

Gloria Betcher

Email to Steve Schainker

Outline for City Council Meeting

Email to Caleb Swank about City Council Meeting

Correspondence with Merry Rankin about Bag-It Movie

Letter for Sports Page

Email response to Jane Haahr 2

City Council PowerPoint Presentation

April 21
We've started to make flyers for the Bag-IT showing. 

Flyer for BagIt! Film

Response to IGIA

Response to Haahr Inspirations

Email from IGIA

Response from Wingtip

Response from Wheatsfield

Response from Wheatsville in Austin, TX

Response from Alfalfa's in Boulder, CO

Copy of CEIP Progress Meeting 5/5

Copy of CEIP Progress Meeting 4-28

Copy of CEIP Progress Meeting 4-21

Copy of CEIP Progress Meeting 4-14

Copy of CEIP Progress Meeting 4-7

March 31, 2014
These are forms that we made for the ECO fair. 

Handout for ECO fair

March 24, 2014
These are emails exchanged between Brittany and Merry Rankin.

Emails from Merry Rankin

Everything below this line was during Block 1

March 10, 2014
This is a document for our meeting with Caleb Swank and his group. 

Meeting with Caleb Swank

March 5, 2014

This email is for the Resource Recovery Plant. The mayor actually suggested that we go tour it. 

Letter To Recovery Plant of Ames

Lucas is a guy from Michigan who raps about food, he is very willing to help out. 

Email from Lucas

We are trying to get in touch with Caleb Swank who is an ISU student that has a bunch of groups who are willing to help us. 

Emails-Caleb Swank

We are writing a letter to the Chamber of Commerce in hope that they will help us organize a group of stores. 

Email For the Chamber of Commerce

March 5, 2014
Erv continues giving great advice!
Heres's his email: 

Hi Britanny:  You are on a roll.  Do the things Mayor Campbell suggests.  It is great that you have her support.  Wow, if you get this done it will be very significant for this community. The next step?  Engage other organizations like The Green Umbrella at ISU, AactivUS at ISU, Interfaith Power and Light, Friends of Ada Hayden Heritage Park (I am the President), Ames Smart Growth Alliance, Isaac Walton League—Ames Chapter, League of Women Voters,  and ask for their endorsement.  Then start a list of the organizations and individuals that say yes and use that in your publicity campaign.  Then start to work to get similar endorsements from the Ames Chamber of Commerce (this might be hard),  and the Main Street Cultural District.  Get individual community leaders to add their name to the list: Mayor Campbell, City Council members, President of the University, School Board Members, etc.  Expect some push-back but don’t let that deter you.  Persistence is the key.




March 2, 2014

We made a list of places that have either banned or placed a fee on plastic bags.

List of plastic ban bans/fees


March 2, 2014
This is our speech outline that we are going to be presenting to the Mayor on Tuesday, March 4!

Speech Outline


February 23, 2014

This is some advice from Erv Klass. 

Hi Brittany:  Good question.  Communication is always important.  Social networking (Facebook, Web Sites, email listserves, etc.) have really become the norm now.  You probably know much more about this than I do.  Yahoo and Gmail feature group set ups that allow you to communicate easily with your group.  Then there is the usual media that can help you. Letters to the Editor of The Ames Tribune and ISU Daily are effective.  These papers also will accept Guest Editorials of 500 to 1000 words.  You can also contact community radio KOHI-FM and ask for an interview.  They have a daily program that is repeated 3 times during the day. 


This should get you started. Let me know if you have more questions.


This is our online petition.

Plastic Petition


This is the letter that we sent to the Editor of the Ames Tribune.

Letter to the Editor


This is the email we sent to the Mayor

Email to Mayor Ann Campbell


This is the email that we wrote and sent to Merry Rankin. 

Email to Merry Rankin


February 20, 2014
Today we created a few things
February 19, 2014
Jake Moore sent us a form to fill out for us to be a part of the ECO Fair. 

Form for Eco Fair


February 19, 2014
These are exchanges of emails between Hannah and Jake Moore. 

Emails from Jake Moore


February 18, 2014
We are currently writing a letter to the editor of the Tribune in Ames to make our project more public.

Letter to the Editor


February 18, 2014
This email is going to be sent to Mayor Ann Campbell as we feel she would be very effective in our project. 

Email to Mayor Ann Campbell

February 14, 2014 
We are putting our goals and things we are doing into a document to organize it. 


Organizing research

February 10, 2014 
This is the letter that we are revising in order to mail it to local businesses in hope for a response so we will be able to speak with them .

Letter for Companies

February 10, 2014
We are beginning to write up a petition that we are going to actively have people sign in order for us to us when we approach the city. 



February 6, 2014
We emailed Aldi's and asked them why they do not use plastic bags, this was their response. 

February 4, 2014
We aim to ban plastic bags as a catalyst to reducing plastic consumption in Ames. We hope to be a beacon to others. We want to show people that plastic is not only affecting our community but its also affecting the world. Tons of plastic is dumped into the ocean every day by wind, cars, people, etc. Plastic is creating a mess of issues from sweatshops in China to killing marine life because they think the plastic is food. Out of sight does not mean out of mind. 

Initial Goal Timeline:

  • talk to people around the community

  • organize a community event

  • talk to businesses

  • talk to the school

  • Hand out cloth bags at community event (write a grant)

  • Show bag-it at school

  • make a chart w/pics that show the journey of a plastic bag

  • petition to take to meetings

  • write letters to important people around Ames

  • Poster/Meet with Lexicon group

  • Do a ton of research

  • Research on how many places have banned plastic bags

  • Research on how possible it is to ban plastic bags in full

  • Research why it is bad to use plastic bags/benefits of plastic bags

  • Meet with politicians to make a law on Plastic bag banning in Ames/Iowa

  • Money spent on plastic bags by businesses

  • Petition/Survey for people

  • Create a strategy with Erv for an email

  • Get businesses interested

  • Recruit City of Ames People for petitions

  • Get groups to collaborate

Environmental Impact Project Progress Meeting Sheet ‎(2-10)‎


Environmental Impact Project Progress Meeting Sheet ‎(2-17)‎


Environmental Impact Project Progress Meeting Sheet ‎(2-24)‎

Environmental Impact Project Progress Meeting Sheet ‎(3-3)‎

Environmental Impact Project Progress Meeting Sheet ‎(3-10)‎