Community Environmental Impact Projects 2013-2014

The expectations for each impact project group are as follows:
  1. Engage all of your group members in the completion of the goals set forth in the beginning of the project by your group and the teacher
  2. Insert these documents in the following order within your webpage on Monday 3/31
    • Timeline Due Monday 4/7
    • Progress Meeting Sheet 4/7
    • Progress Meeting Sheet 4/14
    • Progress Meeting Sheet 4/21
    • Progress Meeting Sheet 4/28
    • Progress Meeting Sheet 5/5
    • Presentation 5/8 or 5/9
  3. Update your group's impact project webpage and these documents throughout the project.
  4. Fill out an "Impact Project Progress Meeting Sheet" on your webpage and meet with the designated teacher each week to discuss your progress, your timeline, and be graded.

Here is a list of the Block 2 impact projects along with the members of each group.

Past Project Years (web pages only available since 2012):
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      Block 2
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