Class Environmental Impact Project Options Fall 2012-2013

Environmental Impact Project Goals:
  • Deepen knowledge about some aspect of environmental science 
  • Give something back to your community in order to learn about the value of civic responsibility
  • Become more connected to your community
  • Develop project management/leadership skills
  • Develop better written and verbal communication skills
  • Explore personal and career interests

1st Semester Class Environmental Impact Project Options

Football Field Hillside/area adjacent to City bike path Prairie Reconstruction
  • Work with professionals to design and make 2 signs
    • History and role of prairies in Iowa
    • Benefits of native plants, how to plant native plants
  • Remove Trees
  • Kill remaining vegetation - including Crown Vetch on South side of path
  • Remove Honey Locust Trees along the path
  • Remove the fence along the path (?)
  • Dormant seed with Doolittle seed in November
  • Install Signs in October

Ames High Prairie Management
  • Work with professionals to design and make 2 Signs
    • History of prairies and the Ames High Prairie
    • AHP Management (Past, present, and future) - maybe a sign that information can be updated inside
  • Buckthorn - goat proposal
  • Crown Vetch followup
  • Seed Collection
  • Tree removal

Storm water best management practices (swale in reconstruction, rain barrels, rainwater harvesting, etc.)
  • Work with professionals to design and make 2 – 3 signs
    • Rainwater Harvesting (1 or 2)
    • Willow Check dams
  • Determine locations for and install rain barrels in different locations around the school
  • Design and install rainwater harvesting system for the greenhouse

Courtyard Native Plantings and Stormwater management
  • Work with professionals to design and make 1 sign
    • Native Plantings - benefits, identification, and/or how to implement such plantings
  • Gather feedback from school administration about goals for the courtyard
  • Gather feedback from students about goals for the courtyard
  • Gather feedback from teachers/staff about goals for the courtyard
  • Work with professionals to design sustainable courtyard
  • Gather feedback from stakeholders about designs for the courtyard
  • Communicate the final design to stakeholders
  • Order plants and other materials necessary
  • Reconstruct the courtyard according to plans

Parking Lot Swale Improvements
  • Work with professionals to design and make 1 sign
    • Describe historic and current hydrology
    • Explain how native plants can help restore native hydrology
    • Explain the establishment process for native plants
  • Work with a professional to create diagrams for the sign
  • Determine the feasibility of the plan from last year's group to amend the soil
  • Prepare the area for seeding natives/amend soil if possible
  • Seed natives

AHS Pond Renovations
  • Carry out plan from last year’s group and expand it
  • Remove invasive species
  • Remove sediment
  • Move memorial stone
  • Reconstruct banks with the help of an expert
  • Plant native species
  • Collaborate with a herp expert to see if this are can be used to raise turtles for release
  • Clean up old tree debris
Bike Path Mud Problem South of the Pohl Preserve
  • Investigate the causes of mud flow onto the bike path along the south edge of the preserve
  • Develop a sustainable solution (maybe involving restoring a portion of the area to savana)
  • Implement the solution

Impact Projects of the Past and Present