Ames High Environmental Impact Grant

In order to be considered for an Ames High Environmental Impact Grant, you must include the following in a document that you email to Mike Todd (

  • Project Title:
  • Names of students leading the project:
  • Short description of the project. 
  • List of the main goals of the project and when you plan to accomplish them by.
  • Specific professionals that will be assisting with the project.
  • How much money are you requesting? 
  • Fill in the following table with the details of your budget (add rows if necessary):
 Item Part numberCost  Quantity Sub Total Link to website where we can purchase the item
  • Answer the following questions (keep your answers for each question separate from each other):
    1. How will this project either change something physically at the school or educate the public and/or students about something related to the environment?
    2. What are the future maintenance requirements for this project?  Have you created a future maintenance plan and talked about this with your teacher or district administrators?
    3. Why is this project important for our school and/or community?
    4. Why is this project important to you personally? How will this project impact you personally?